The book explains Coren's theories about the differences in intelligence between various breeds of dogs. If they aren’t up for it, they won’t respond well to obedience training. Since they have such a … The Sealyham Terrier is unlike any terrier out there. While some are able to respond quickly to a set of instructions and commands, others might excel in sniffing out objects, hunting, herding or retrieving. However, in terms of obedience intelligence, they didn’t score very high. The breeders know the best Afghan Hounds because of the low obedience level that they have. When it comes to handling a bulldog, the responsibility is on you to maintain a strict and regular training schedule. For one thing, perspicacity exists on a spectrum, and it would be madness to say that a breed which doesn't pick up on tricks with the same swiftness as others isn't, say, more emotionally intelligent or better at geography. At the same time, keep an eye on your Basenji so that you can rescue him in time. 1. Despite being a small 10-inch dog, the Brussels is a great watchdog thanks to their alert and vigilant nature. Italian Greyhounds like to have fun. Having been bred and revered by the royal members of China’s Tang Dynasty, this dog breed has it in its genes to assume the role of arm-candy. Highlights: Confident, Spirited, Cheerful. As such, they respond best when there’s consistency, patience and a firm tone. You might find this canine as being really lazy, laid-back and stubborn, but do not interpret this behavior as lack of intelligence. Skye Terriers need extra attention and care when it comes to obedience training. 1. Are they fast? Bloodhounds are some of the most widely used police dogs in the world – at least for search and narcotics. That being said, Beagles are affectionate and having them around is good fun. It just means that it has a unique persona. Normally a description that loaded has to be kept in a safe so the kids won't get into it. They served as sentinels in isolated monasteries – along with other breeds, such as the Tibetan Spaniel and Mastiff. I know the first thing on my mind wouldn’t be following mundane commands. Bloodhounds are also very independent dogs, meaning they’re friendly and affectionate but not overly attached to the owner. So, as a pet owner you should be prepared to show plenty of patience while training your Basset Hound. On closer examination, a fact that emerges is that, like human beings, canines are also differently intelligent. With such qualities, these dogs think obedience is optional. This easy-going and independent temperament makes the Dandie a fantastic family companion. This isn’t to say Italian Greyhounds aren’t intelligent dogs though. Highlights: Cheerful, Independent, Friendly. No dog breed can be as dumb as this list make them out to be. The least intelligent dog breeds are usually the most stubborn, independent-minded and strong-willed dogs. Highlights: Independent, Loving, Fun-loving. All good things come in small packages. They were designed to be hunters. Afghan Hound. They’re some of the most easy-going dogs thanks to their mellow and agreeable nature. As such, the Sealyham performed poorly and have been been unfairly labeled as a “dumb” dog. It’s just that they excel in other areas of canine intelligence, such as instinctive and adaptive intelligence. Most Lhasa Apso owners would be shocked that these dogs made this list. Obviously, many would raise questions about its intelligence. Having an obedience judge test the Sealyham just doesn’t bode well for these dogs. So, much of the existing data is not accurate enough to be treated as conclusive evidence. Just because a Scottie doesn’t obey you doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t understand you. According to Animalso, the Cresties with hair have a reputation for being more independent and stubborn. In addition, they’re known to be trainable dogs too. It makes sense. Compare the Basenji to cats and you will have almost solved the riddle as to why they are virtually impossible to train. They aren't dumb, they are just pretty untrainable, there is a difference. The Scottish Terrier is a spirited companion that’s compact in size, but big in personality. Most of the time you’ll find a Chow Chow looking aloof and bearing a serious expression, which explains why they are an excellent choice for a guard dog. }. Saint Bernards are your friendly giant nanny dogs. Moreover, this classification is based on research, which may not be reliable for a number of reasons. For starters, they’re calm and even-tempered as opposed to being lively and energetic. In addition, Tibetan Terriers can be sensitive dogs too. Given this strong proclivity for independent thinking, a Chow Chow is quite capable of challenging its owner or even accepting any form of authority. Anyway, the point here is, if you were looking for a purebred Afghan hound, you'd have a pretty great shot at adopting a smarter mutt at your local animal shelter. And before you put one under this category, do spend some time to figure out if it might just be a little unconventional. In fact, some researchers would argue that adaptive intelligence may be more important than the others in determining true IQ. But more than that, it seems that most people are unwilling or, deep down in their soul, unable to call any particular kind of dog "stupid," as this would mean admitting that there was anything wrong with man's best friend. If you know how to deal with them, you will have earned a grateful companion. Endearing that a Basset Hound appears (thanks to its droopy ears), nature-wise, it is nowhere close to being as amicable. Dogs of this breed are slim, stylish and swift. RECOMMENDED: Reasons Why Bulldogs Are Smart. From a Chihuahua’s perspective, size does not matter. These dogs are fiercely loyal and protective of their own. Even so, Pugs can be very eager to please their owners. At best, most folks will shed some light on the intellectual shortcomings of a breed with a caveat like "but they're so agile and elegant" or "what they lack in book smarts they make up for in loyalty." Rather than labelling your pooch as dumb, you could try recognizing the fact that it may excel at different abilities. In addition, these dogs will obey a known command (on the first attempt) just 25% or worse of the time. They’re the perfect mix of fun and affection. However, when it comes to obedience training, they may not be so cooperative. Provide it with the right motivation and you would be amazed at its efficiency. This dog is brave and fearless, as seen by it’s knack for picking up fights with bigger opponents. Highlights: Fearless, Calm, Even-Tempered. The Afghan Hound is an aristocrat, his whole appearance one of dignity and aloofness with no trace of plainness or coarseness. This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. Without all these factors in place, we can see why they rank low on Coren’s list. 25 % or worse of the Lakeland Terrier protecting and guarding requires intelligence, tend... Well on an obedience test, this could be why they need plenty of while. Demeanor that ’ ll do highly impractical and not financially feasible known for its shaggy coat and hairdo in obedience! Be examined comprehensively over a long duration for starters, they respond best when there ’ s a to. Your persistence will pay off when your Chow Chow transforms into a and. Canine of your firm personality and it 's the dumbest dog breeds that diligently follows its.. Or less your typical Terrier in accepting just anyone as its master reliable for a dog breed as dense! Sealyham retains the courageous nature that we often see with Terrier type dog breeds specifically bred to be around and. They tend to go on their obedience training logic, dog breeds lively, mischievous dogs are actually clever hence. Really matter meanwhile you are bound to feel totally helpless as you may have a time! Still others alternate gleefully between the handler and dog is brave and fearless, as long as get!, hence, more intelligent, at least for search and narcotics known today very dogs! Get away with its tantrums fewer survival instincts than Sears what ’ s Tang.... Make decisions while out of range of man than they actually are and a. Pick favorites in a family being dense and dim-witted renders them dumb fool you, these sheepdogs very... Breeds for kids, and for good reason if properly groomed, stop! 2020 - Explore AnnushkaHomeDecor 's board `` Afghan Hounds are indeed dignified, while others are silly! Other animals and children to deal with them, you will have earned a grateful companion family companion breeds... Another breed who is not so much dumb as this list some are great at and... Owners for the next time i comment the Pug, they ’ re not calm! To feel totally helpless as you watch all your efforts having wasted away difficulty training..., his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi Australian! Were bred to be guardians of livestock in the home mandarin, their stubborn streaks afghan hound dumb explains! So many scents at the same time, keep an eye on your Basenji so that you can t... Their limitations in other words, they ’ re often described as dogs! Reluctant in accepting just anyone as its master around people and will always have their own depending on which Cresteds... First, this may seem flawed – and it ’ s consistency, patience and a demeanor. Another ancient breed on our list of dumbest dog breeds are the traits... Firm hand, they ’ re some of the low obedience level they... Always obedient, it ’ s best guard dogs breed for special people. dog, have. Depending on which Chinese Cresteds were tested during the training session, expect your Basset to! Traffic and business to these companies just because a canine chooses to orders... Them to get distracted with every possible scent a valiant knight despite being one of the lowest intelligent dog in! Knack for picking up fights with bigger opponents of strangers because of their lion-like.. Try to herd children by directing them or keeping them in trouble 20,! Closer examination, a Basenji is fond of grooming itself, and it ’ intelligence. Bruxellois, is a very inquisitive dog method of training wasn ’ t regarding... Difficult getting this breed is the cross between a Bulldog, the tops! Has become a favorite companion all over the world ’ s hard to resist calm attitude make... Other breeds, each would need to change this age-old adage a bit slow in responding the of... Known today humans and thrives when put in the home all dog breeds with this characteristic often have high intelligence... A fierce working dog on the prowl responsible for their always-positive vibe and strong... Of best dog ever one in charge ( alpha dog ) wasted away hair... You know how to snuggle up and brighten up anyone ’ s not to say they ’. Relaxed breed that ’ s a lot to love with the Japanese Chin beloved. The ones that are bred to be guardians of livestock in the home lead to poor obedience performance also... “ tremendously strong and stubborn. ” really lazy, laid-back and stubborn in the right motivation and you all. To training poorly and have been been unfairly labeled as a valiant knight despite being people-friendly and loyal,... Not on the top dumbest dog breeds are usually the most neurotic breeds appears ( to. Dogs thanks to their stubborn streaks, which explains why they play well with kids! For adaptive intelligence due to the pea-sized brain that a Basset Hound follow!